Porter Robinson And Madeon Finally Collab On “Shelter”


Porter Robinson and Madeon are two of the most forward thinking artists in electronic music today, and each producer has managed to forge a unique identity in an oversaturated market. Considering their highly complimentary styles, a collaboration between the two is the sort of thing music fans dream about. Well, dream no more, as a joint Robinson/Madeon effort has finally hit the internet in the form of “Shelter.”

The track has the sort of dreamy production you’d expect, opening with a serene chord progression and chopped up vocal melodies. A funky backbeat runs throughout the new song, as angelic vocals serve as a central hook.

Porter Robinson and Madeon manage to merge their styles seamlessly here, and the results are every bit as breathtaking as we could have imagined.

“Shelter” found its way onto various streaming services last night and is now available on iTunes and Spotify for your listening pleasure.