Porter Robinson Releases New Worlds Remix Ahead Of Album


We’re all chewing fingernails, anxiously awaiting the release of Worlds Remixed on October 2nd, but Porter Robinson is well aware, and has graciously offered up another track ahead of the album. This time, it’s Galamatias’ remix of “Sea of Voices,” one of the more interesting songs on the album.

Here’s what Galamatias had to say about working on the remix:

“I don’t know what I was thinking picking ‘Sea of Voices.’ The song is such a cinematic journey in itself; it could never be outdone in the feeling it evokes. So I had to take it in a completely different direction.”

We couldn’t agree more. Straying immensely from the epic adventure of the original, Galamatias has produced a sugar coated jazz piece fit for the deepest of dreamscapes. The piano is absolutely delightful, and bursting synths, bass stabs, and swivelling embellishments only further the atmosphere.

Have a listen to the Galamatias “Sea of Voices” remix above, and you can hear just what we mean.

Source: EDM.com