Preview Lane 8’s Upcoming “Strobe” Remix

Last week, mau5trap dropped a teaser for their upcoming 100th release that led to speculation that the upcoming effort would be an EP dedicated to remixes of the classic deadmau5 anthem “Strobe.” The image led to some fan theories regarding who would be featured on the release, with clues pointing towards Feed Me, Rezz, and Lane 8.

After a live clip of Feed Me testing out his remix of the iconic tune surfaced on the internet, we now have our first preview of Lane 8’s take on “Strobe.” Taking to social media to share a preview video, the producer gives us a nearly two minute taste of the rework, which features the familiar melodies transposed onto stripped down synth phrases over almost tropical sounding percussion.

The caption on the teaser video reveals that Lane 8‘s “Strobe” remix is due out soon, meaning mau5trap’s 100th release may also be hitting the shelves in the near future.

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