Prince Fox Drops A Fragile Music Video With Hailee Steinfeld


Prince Fox has just revealed his next blockbuster single, titled “Fragile,” and he’s incorporated the stunning vocal talent of Hailee Steinfield.

An abstract video has been released to supplement the emotive single, featuring televisions bursting, balloons popping, lightbulbs shattering and one very distressed alarm clock winding itself into oblivion. Overall, it’s a nice play along the fragile theme, and enjoyable to watch with Fox’s emotionally charged progressions.

The track itself is a gorgeous assortment of slinking piano and guitar stabs, and of course, Prince Fox‘s characteristic gated synth swells take over the breakdown to complement Steinfield’s superb vocals. As usual, the Fox nails the bridge between familiar instrumentation and future bass, resulting in yet another single that climbs around our hearts.

Have a listen above and grab “Fragile” on iTunes now, courtesy of Casablanca Records.