Prince Fox Has A Heartbeat In New EP


The wait is finally over for Prince Fox original material! His newest release, “Heartbeat Darkside,” features the vocal talent of Thewz, and offers more of the same crunchy house we’ve come to expect. Prince Fox and Thewz were actually roommates once upon a time at NYU, and a three minute a cappella from Thewz inspired the ear candy above.

“Heartbeat Darkside” is available now via iTunes as part of Fox’s Musings EP, his first fully original release which will be a five track collection of two original works and three outstanding remixes. The entire release centers around Prince Fox’s pioneering efforts in future pop, spinning a tasteful interpretation on the genre with a decided house influence.

Here’s what Prince Fox has to say about “Heartbeat Darkside” in particular.

“We’ve all been in relationships with people where you are skeptical of the persons love and intent, yet you’re sure they are too, but at the end of the day/night you end up close enough just listening ‘to the sound of [their] heart beat'”

Give the track a listen above and let us know what you think in the comments section below.