Promnite And Penthouse Penthouse “Work It Out” In Their New Track


If you’re not quite operating at full speed yet as you start your work week, there’s no need to put on a track that might rudely jolt you awake. Promnite and Penthouse Penthouse have delivered a downtempo alternative in the form of “Work It Out,” an R&B track whose retro production elements somehow compliment the song’s suggestive themes perfectly.

If the involvement of a production duo called Penthouse Penthouse (a reference to a particularly hilarious Workaholics episode) doesn’t make “Work It Out” come across as an oversexed R&B caricature on its own, the track’s lyrics definitely finish the job. That said, Promnite’s arrangement and sound design elements themselves are fused together with enough finesse that it doesn’t need to lean on its novelty to be relevant.

“Work It Out” is Promnite‘s debut on Fools Gold Records, and given its warm reception, it stands to reason that you can expect more of the DJ/producer’s sensual flavor from the imprint as 2016 kicks into gear.