PSY Releases His Latest Viral Sensation “Daddy”


Korean viral sensation PSY made a triumphant return this week, dropping a crazy new video to accompany his latest single, “Daddy.” Following in the same vein as the videos to his previous singles such as “Gentleman” and the record-breaking hit “Gangnam Style,” “Daddy” features outrageous dance moves, strange visuals and PSY’s trademark brand of raucous humor.

Stylistically, the new single draws influence from Melbourne Bounce, featuring a prominent vocal lead over driving club beats as PSY drops catchy bilingual rhymes at rapid fire pace. K-pop star and Skrillex collaborator CL makes a brief vocal appearance in the song as well.

True to his usual weirdness, the video for “Daddy” features PSY playing himself as a child, while seemingly casting himself in the role of his own father as well. Overall, the pop star truly takes it to the next level here, dropping plenty of wild dance moves and comedic antics to make “Daddy” another viral sensation.