Purity Ring Drop A Powerful Remix Of Katy Perry’s “Rise”


Canadian electronic act Purity Ring are back with a new release, dropping an official remix for Katy Perry’s recently released single “Rise.” The duo deliver a sturdy rework of Perry’s inspirational anthem, breathing new life into the song while pushing it to new heights with their signature synthpop vibes.

Purity Ring’s remix opens with a deep descending chord sequence and Perry’s recognizable vocal hooks. After a percussion free verse, booming kicks and rapid fire hi-hats take over as a ghostly vocal melody is layered over top, creating a haunting sheen that is as encapsulating as it is moving.

Purity Ring‘s “Rise” remix isn’t a major departure from Katy Perry’s original in that it maintains a similar identity, but it actually manages to eclipse the album version with a production that improves on its sterile mainstream sound.

The “Rise” remix pack is available now via Capitol Records and can be purchased here.

Source: Your EDM