R3hab And Ciara Stoke Our Hopes For Spring With Get Up


Courtesy of Spinnin’ Records, we’ve got our hands on a new R3hab and Ciara collab and it’s a marvelous blend of the artists’ respective styles. Trading in all the reverb of his previous endeavors, R3hab has crafted an energetic club track that straddles the line between tropical and deep.

A mellow introduction gives way to Ciara’s vocals, then a moment of breakbeat steals the spotlight to ready the build for an elated drop. Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” has an undeniable influence on the breakdown, though it’s twisted into a different emotion with the final notes of the progression. Ciara’s lyrics also add a poppy flavor of R&B to the tone, which works surprisingly well with the track’s four-on-the-floor.

Overall, “Get Up” sounds like it’s been dipped tropical icing, and it’s doing a stellar job of rekindling our hopes for spring. Take a listen to R3hab‘s latest and let it wash out the winter.