R3hab and Quintino Sample Adina Howard In “Freak”


If by now you don’t half expect ’90s R&B samples to find their way into any future house track you listen to, then you haven’t been paying attention. R3hab and Quintino might be a little late to the future house game, but they’re picking it up fast – and their new collaboration, “Freak,” draws from classic inspirations.

To be specific, the track features a sped-up acapella from Adina Howard’s sultry 1995 R&B classic “Freak Like Me.” The warm synths driving the arrangement hint at the pan flute and steel drum sounds of tropical house, with a soaring synth lead giving it an added measure of mass appeal.

As far as Howard herself, she still puts out music as well. As recently as last fall she released a new single titled “Bad 4 Me,” which while not as provocative as “Freak Like Me,” proves that she can definitely still sing.

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