R3HAB And Quintino Release A Trapped-Out Remix Of Drake’s Pop Anthem


R3HAB and Quintino have just spun Drake and Rihanna’s “Work” into a festival friendly jam that’s about to destroy Coachella.

The two have constructed a superbly pleasing melody around Rihanna’s vocals, and recycled them into a quality topline over the track’s crushing breakdown. The mellow xylophone lines are warm and inviting, and the character of the entire piece flows rather nicely, despite such a beefy drop. However, the icing on top remains the metallic snarls interspersed with energetic horns for a quality mix that’ll have trap arms waving in a frenzy.

Overall, this remix is nothing like the typical R3HAB or Quinto fare, and it’s refreshing to see them exploring a different style. Reworked specifically with festivals in mind, this one is going to be received with open arms.

Have a listen above and let us know what you think.