Rain Man Draws Inspiration From Krewella In New Single


After splitting from Krewella, Rain Man went through a bout of snarling bass-driven expression. Feeling that he needed to re-establish himself as a solo artist, Kris Trindl took to 2015 as a proving ground.

“So that’s where the bass songs in 2015 came from,” he says. “It was a little bit for me and my ego. I didn’t want people to think that I’m a faker.”

However, his newest work, “Bring Back The Summer,” is cut from the same cloth as his time with the Yousaf sisters. In an interview about the track, Rain Man went on to mention its similarity to Krewella’s “Alive” and how the massive single almost didn’t see a release.

“Back in 2012 with Krewella when we released ‘Alive,’ we almost didn’t put that song out because we had been making dubstep and bass songs. We thought it was so much different than our other stuff and didn’t know if we could put it out because this was 2012. […] If we didn’t release ‘Alive’ when we did – because we thought it was too poppy and people wouldn’t respect us – our career would’ve had a very different trajectory. So when ‘Bring Back the Summer’ was on my plate, I just said, ‘F— it, it’s music. Let’s put it out.’”

An interesting zest for 2016, “Bring Back The Summer” lends itself to poppy toplines and an evocative melody. Oly’s lyrics are a brilliant accompaniment, and the chopped vocals of the breakdown round out a delectably produced bass tune that packs a mass appeal.

Stay on the lookout for more Rain Man goodies, but don’t expect him to stick to any one style, as he’s got plans for making everything from “dubstep, to drum & bass, to pop, and even some acoustic.”