Rebecca Black Returns With “The Great Divide”


It may not be Friday, but a new Rebecca Black song is welcome on any day of the week. The singer who turned into a viral sensation with the iconic awkward teenager jam, “Friday,” is back with a video for a new track titled “The Great Divide.”

What stands out the most about “The Great Divide” is that, well, it’s actually kind of a good song. There’s nothing about it that is going to make you cringe out of your skin, and instead of hating that it’s stuck in your head, you’ll be glad that it is.

It’s a slow building ballad, so it’s a far cry away from what Black originally dished out with “Friday” and songs after like “Person of Interest” and “Sing It.” Throughout the verses, Black sings with emotion as it leads into a larger than life chorus, which even has some lite-EDM characteristics going on. “The Great Divide” could have essentially been written as a Lea Michele song, and you could put it in the same category as something like Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper.”

The video, however, leaves much to be desired, as Black mostly just moves around aimlessly until we’re greeted with uncomfortable closeup shots of her that feel like she’s staring directly into your soul. Luckily, the song is decent enough where the mediocre video isn’t too big of a mark against it.

Could “The Great Divide” be Rebecca Black’s first non-ironic hit? The song will be featured on her upcoming EP, which she expects to release independently later this fall, so we’ll know soon enough.

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