Richie Hawtin And Seth Troxler Speak Their Minds On Laptop Bans

Photo by Douglas Wojciechowski for Paxahau

Photo by Douglas Wojciechowski for Paxahau

Over the last week, LA based club Cure And The Cause stirred up some controversy in the dance music scene by banning laptops from the DJ booth. Club owner Kenny Summit justified the decision with some notorious statements, telling laptop DJs to “learn the tools of the trade already.” It’s just the latest episode of a constant dialogue about what defines “true DJing” and what technology is appropriate for DJs to use.

Seasoned DJs Richie Hawtin and Seth Troxler took to social media recently to weigh in on the issue, with each offering up a different perspective in response to the controversy. Richie Hawtin criticized the venue’s decision to ban laptops, stating “Most ridiculous rule ever!Stifling creativity by limiting an artists own personal approach is a step backwards.”

Seth Troxler, on the other hand, seemed to agree with the club’s call. “I have to say I like it rich too many kids out there who actually don’t know how to beat match,” he stated, while interjecting that “the hard part is beat matching. Even a lot of guys in our class.If the sync is on your an entertainer, not a dj.”

Regardless of whether you side with Hawtin or Troxler on the issue, it does seem a bit ridiculous for a venue to impose upon performers the type of equipment they’re allowed to use on stage, don’t you think?