Richie Hawtin’s Essential Mix From Exchange L.A. Is Life



If you were at Exchange LA on January 22nd when Richie Hawtin kicked off the Essential Mix Live series in North America, then you know what kind of techno odyssey you witnessed. If you didn’t, not to worry – BBC Radio 1 has made the two-hour mix available on their website.

While some might scoff at the notion that Hawtin’s return to the Essential Mix would take place in L.A., the SoCal area’s house and techno scene is certainly thriving. Before the show, Hawtin himself told a BBC Radio 1 host the following:

I grew up in the Detroit area so I’m a Midwest kid My friends are gonna say, “The Midwest is where it happened, in Chicago, Detroit, New York,” but when I think back at those early days, especially the 1990s, you had an incredible, vibrant rave scene out on the West Coast and I think it’s really been an important foundation for what’s developed over just the last four years. It’s been percolating for a long, long, long time out here.

Listen to Richie Hawtin’s Essential Mix Live performance at Exchange L.A. from January 22nd here and as always, drop a comment letting us know what you think of it.

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