Rick Ross Delivers A Remix Of Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky”


Solange unleashed a firecracker of an album with A Seat At The Table in late September, and the number one spot it nabbed was incredibly warranted. One of its stand out cuts, “Cranes in the Sky,” has been the subject of numerous remixes over the past couple of weeks from the likes of Common and Kaytranada, but it’s the latest from Rick Ross that puts his above all of the rest.

Rick Ross doesn’t do anything too crazy with his remix, and he doesn’t need to – his lone verse in the beginning adds a hefty punch to an otherwise laid back, beautiful, and mellow track. Though it’s a song that appears to be at its best when left untouched, it becomes even more impressive if a remix manages to transform it into something even better, and that’s what Ross does here. It may not be as interesting of a pairing as Beyonce and Dixie Chicks were, but it’s still great in its own right.

Remixes for the “Cranes in the Sky” may begin to start coming in droves now, especially due to Solange’s performance of the track on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Her smooth vocals supported the song throughout, and somehow made it even more memorable with her fabulous choice in wardrobe.

Solange’s A Seat At The Table is still standing strong, remaining in the top thirty on the charts, but with television appearances and remixes on the way, there’s no doubt it’ll steadily start to rise like it deserves to.