Rick Rubin’s Putting Together A Star Wars-Themed Compilation Album


Have you ever wanted a compilation of original music that blends your childhood affinity for all things Star Wars with your likely more recent appreciation for electronic music? Rick Rubin thought you might, which is why the decade-spanning pop culture mastermind has enlisted some of the world’s most renowned producers to deliver tracks for Star Wars Headspace.

Kaskade, Flying Lotus, A-Trak and Baauer are but a few of the names behind tracks which will appear on the album. Each production features samples and clips from the iconic sound effects of sound designer Ben Burtt, making for songs which reference the Star Wars film franchise’s many peculiar tropes.

Perhaps most surprising from a musical standpoint is Rubin’s own contribution to the compilation. Where the producer is best known for his iconic mixes of albums for legendary acts like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beastie Boys, “NR-G7” features a the four-four beat and sterile synth work of contemporary electronic music.

While you’ll have to wait until February 19th to listen to Star Wars Headspace in its entirety, Rick Rubin has already previewed three of the tracks of the compilation on Beats 1. After listening to them, take a look at the full tracklist for the album and let us know what you think.

01 Kaskade: “C-3P0’s Plight”
02 GTA: “Help Me!”
03 TroyBoi: “Force”
04 Baauer: “Cantina Boys”
05 Shag Kava: “Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work” [ft. A-Trak]
06 Claude VonStroke: “R2 Knows” [ft. Barry Drift]
07 Rick Rubin: “NR-G7”
08 Bonobo: “Ghomrassen”
09 Röyksopp: “Bounty Hunters”
10 ATTLAS: “Sunset Over Manaan”
11 Flying Lotus: “R2 Where R U?”
12 Shlohmo: “Druid Caravan of Smoke”
13 Rustie: “EWOK PUMPP”
14 Galantis: “Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder”
15 Breakbot: “Star Tripper”

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