Rico Nasty opens up about effects of Playboi Carti fans booing her

Yesterday Rico Nasty, best known for hits like ‘Rage’ and ‘Smack A Bitch’, opened up about how the heckling and boos she has gotten from Playboi Carti fans has severely affected her mental health. The rapper has been opening for Playboi Carti on his hotly anticipated tour to promote his King Vamp album. 

In the series of tweets, the star talks about how the experience of touring has been soured for her by the way she has been treated. You can see her (now-deleted) words here: 

Throughout the tour, videos have been shared to social media of her being booed by Carti’s fans when she comes on stage to perform. In this clip, the crowd shouted “Carti!” while she was trying to start her set. 

After this specific incident, she clapped back at trolls on Twitter who made comments like “Carti owns you: “Yeah I said it..Not deleting shit. Try me again. ‘[I’ll] fly off stage and possess you. Y’all mothers should have swallowed you little pissy frogs.”

Since Rico Nasty opened up about the toll of the heckling and trolling, she has received a lot of support online, including from her peers in the music industry like Kehlani:

She has also had fans jump to defend her:

Some people also hypothesised about the racialised and gendered dynamics at play:

Regardless of why the booing is happening, we hope the hate dies down soon and Rico Nasty is able to get the support she needs.