Robin Shulz Channels Baby Bash With Sugar


German electronic music producer Robin Shulz is as tapped into the recent house trend as anybody. Remixes like last year’s “Waves” and “Prayer in C” solidified the artist’s role as a purveyor of the somewhat tropical, largely instrumental sort of deep house that’s taken the airwaves by storm as of late. Following in the same creative vein, Shulz has delivered once more with his latest reimagining, “Sugar.”

An arrangement that borrows heavily from Baby Bash’s 2003 hit “Suga Suga,” the track features the same chorus, but updated verses – all of which are contributed by Canadian vocalist Francesco Yates instead of the original’s Frankie J. A guitar riff reminiscent of the original is complimented by an ethereal strings section, and a four-four beat anchors the whole of the production to house music.

While the track makes for a nice piece of nostalgia, it fails to incorporate many elements that weren’t already in the original. However, the song is only a first taste of Shulz’ upcoming effort – which is slated for release in September – so the fruits of his labor in the studio remain to be seen.

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