Robin Thicke Enlists Nas For New Song “Deep”


Robin Thicke released a new song today titled “Deep,” and after hearing the track’s contents, it’s surprisingly just that. A far cry away from the misogyny presented on his hit “Blurred Lines,” “Deep” delves into the subject of police brutality and the upcoming election with the help of verses by Nas.

The track kicks off dramatically with 40 seconds of a cappella from Nas, spitting lines referencing instances of police violence. Lyrics like “A white man with a gun apprehended, he’s still alive/Black man with a gun, he has no chance to survive” help Nas drive the point home on the emotional, fiery verse. Thicke comes in on the additional verses and a beautiful falsetto chorus, but despite his success, Nas steals the show once again on the bridge. Dropping some more bars, but this time referencing the election, Nas delivers a performance on “Deep” that helps make it one of the best Thicke songs in recent memory.

There’s no confirmation on whether “Deep” is a one-off single or part of a bigger album, but given the disappointment that Robin Thicke‘s last record, Paula, was, fans will take all the songs they can get as long as they live up to expectations.