Roses Shows That The Chainsmokers Are Starting To Blossom


2014’s “#SELFIE” made The Chainsmokers something of a running joke throughout most of that year, but if their recent releases are any indicator, they refuse to let it define their career. After releasing a few other tracks that marked a more sincere turn for the New York City-based duo, they’ve just shared “Roses” – which is likely their strongest song yet.

The contemplative future bass soundscape of the track makes for a fitting backdrop against which vocals by Rozes sparkle (yes, you read correctly; a singer named Rozes is the featured vocalist on “Roses”). A stripped-down drop brings a brilliant simplicity to the mood of the track, making it certain to wind up in its fair share of DJ sets over the rest of the festival season.

Meanwhile, the world still awaits the duo’s collaboration with none other than global dance music icon Tiësto. Considering this, the best years of their career don’t seem to be in the rearview mirror at all, and we can’t wait to see what they contribute to the global conversation that is EDM.

Give the song a listen and tell us what you think about “Roses” in the comments section below.