Ruby Rose Gets Underwear Thrown At Her During Performance At Pacha NYC


If you’re not familiar with Ruby Rose from the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black (OITNB), you might have some kind of serious problem and should probably get checked out. Rose has been the subject of countless news stories after her debut on the show’s third season, as her gender-bending style has resonated with a youth culture more sexually fluid than those which preceded it. It recently surfaced that she’s also a decent electronic music DJ, and she recently made headlines for an eventful performance at Pacha NYC.

Rose was already receiving a considerable amount of female attention during her set; dancers pressed themselves against her for photos, and her OITNB co-star Marisol Gonzales pushed up against her with her rear end. While onstage, Rose also had a pair of underwear thrown at her by one of the club’s attendees, an anomaly that she took in stride and didn’t let detract from her performance.

While Rose clearly has more dance music credentials than the typical celebrity-turned DJ, the reception of set at Pacha NYC suggests that her fans might be in attendance for the wrong reasons. The more pop culture presents electronic music as a such a hollow gimmick, the less true artists will be taken seriously for their craft.

Take a look at the photos from Ruby Rose‘s DJ set at Pacha NYC and let us know what you think in the comments.