Yes, It’s Okay For You To Like Ruby Rose’s Diplo And Friends Debut


Honestly, if you weren’t skeptical of Ruby Rose‘s credentials when the Orange is the New Black star revealed that she was also a DJ last year then you must be new to electronic music. With everyone from Shaq to Sasha Grey trying to capitalize on the EDM movement’s momentum in recent years it’s easy to be disenchanted by the prospect of random on-camera celebrities taking up the craft.

Thankfully, we’re here to tell you that liking Rose’s Diplo & Friends debut will in no way penalize your street cred.

The mix opens with “Let’s Go Dancing” by Tiga and Audion (not to be confused with Tyga or Audien, in case you really are new here) and continues in a vein of proper deep house that puts to rest any suspicions that Rose launched her DJ career out of sheer opportunism.

While it then segues into more entry-level tracks from the likes of Oliver Heldens and Chocolate Puma, it still demonstrates a depth of musical understanding that indicates that electronic music is no passing interest for Rose.

That said, we would love to know where you fall on Ruby Rose‘s Diplo and Friends mix. Listen to it above and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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