Rudimental’s Never Let You Go Is Drum And Bass Heaven


You don’t see a lot of drum and bass tracks on the mainstream market these days, but Rudimental‘s “Never Let You Go” stands a chance of climbing the charts. BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac premiered it on her show recently and gave it her “Hottest Record In The World” honor. Mass appeal aside, it truly does bring something new to the conversation that is drum and bass.

The warm melody and soulful vocals leading up to the syncopated drum beat evoke much of the same feelings as Aiden Grimshaw’s “Is This Love,” but a horn section tastefully added near the end endows an almost ska-like quality to the anthemic track.

Contemporary drum and bass often feels like a race to the bottom; the image of crate diggers playing dark grooves in basements directly contrasts the bright energy of more festival-friendly music. However, “Never Let You Go” meets both audiences in the middle in a way that doesn’t come across as forced.

Rudimental‘s first full-length album in two years will be released later in the year through Big Beat/Atlantic Records. For now, check out “Never Let You Go” above and let us know what you think of the track.

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