Ryan Adams Details New Record Out This November


Ryan Adams is releasing a new album this fall, and it isn’t going to have any Taylor Swift covers on it this time. In fact, according to Adams, it’s actually influenced by AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, and Nick Hornsby – so, kind of the complete opposite.

Adams released his widely successful and critically acclaimed cover album of Swift’s 1989 in September of last year. This new record of original material will be the songwriter’s 16th studio album in total, and his first since his Grammy Award-nominated self-titled record in 2014. Just when you think that he must have run out of song ideas by now, it turns out he had over 80 songs written for this one.

He recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his lyrical process for the album, stating that the challenge for him is to figure out how to tell the story in eleven songs. Despite writing over 80 of them, it seems that Adams somehow managed to narrow it down to eleven, so let’s just hope that he chose the best ones.

Ryan Adams’ new record doesn’t have a known title yet, but it was produced by Don Was, who is credited for working with legendary acts such as The Rolling Stones and Barenaked Ladies. We’ll get to hear it in all its glory on November 4th.