Ryos Gives Halsey’s “New Americana” The EDM Treatment


Long Island based producer Ryos recently dropped a new bootleg of Halsey’s “New Americana,” giving the pop vocalist’s millennial anthem an EDM overhaul fit for the dance floor, while taking a break from his usual house productions to explore some trap influence.

Ryos opens his mix with sparse ambient tones behind Halsey’s stark vocal track, slowly bringing in a marching snare roll leading into the first chorus. Maintaining a light touch up until the first drop, Ryos switches things up, delivering pulsing rhythms, booming sub kicks and energizing synth melodies.

Intended as a flip more than a full on rework, Ryos’ bootleg of “New Americana” augments the identity and structure of the original song to give it a dance floor feel without radically altering the source material.

All in all, the new remix sees Ryos stepping outside of his usual house trappings and trying his hand at a different vibe, while succeeding in bringing “New Americana” into the dance music arena.

Source: Your EDM

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