Sam Feldt And The Him’s Drive You Home Drove Me To Sleep


I’m not usually one to complain about the softer side of dance music. Quite frankly, I’m tired of having to jump up and down every time fireworks, confetti and CO2 cannons go off – these days I’d rather just dance.

Nonetheless, a watered-down side of what was billed as the deep house movement a couple years ago is beginning to make itself known, and the new Sam Feldt track is the latest example. Really, every Sam Feldt track is, though – they’re all the same vague, riskless, radio-friendly brand of house that you might hear playing at a department store.

Nothing in this production is that memorable; it’s just background music for the sake of background music. The wistful vocals are met with an understated horn section, but there’s no real groove or progression to be found. As artists like Robin Shulz increasingly popularize this overly safe, mainstream-friendly version of house music, it stands to reason that it will only become easier to replicate – so you can expect the elements that make “Drive You Home” so lackluster to be more abundant in music moving forward.

Give Sam Feldt and The Him’s latest track, “Drive You Home,” a listen and let us know if you think we were too hard on it in the comments section below.


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