Sam Feldt Shines With This Years & Years Remix


I don’t wanna say that I’d resigned myself to expecting really vanilla releases from DJ/producer Sam Feldt, but I pretty much had. The Dutch artist had spent the better part of 2015 putting out a safe, watered-down iteration of the deep house sensibilities that I’ve taken to calling “department store house” – but his remix of Years & Years’ “Shine” is a gem among the stones.

To be fair, the original track deserves a good deal of credit. Feldt left the top line and synth melody all but untouched in his version, adding little more than club-friendly percussive elements to the mix. As such, the fact that it doesn’t sound a lot like other Sam Feldt songs makes enough sense because it practically isn’t one.

Nonetheless, Sam Feldt‘s remix of Years & Years’ “Shine” makes for an enjoyable change of pace from his usual style. After listening to the track, let us know what you think of it by making a trip down to the comments section.