Yellow Claw And San Holo Team Up On Free Single “Old Days”


As part of their free label compilation The Barong Family Album, Yellow Claw have enlisted the help of Dutch producer San Holo on a collaboration that serves as the collection’s opener.

“Old Days” kicks off with some tribal percussion samples that lead into a smooth intro with soothing vocal melodies and a jubilant chord sequence. After the summery introduction, San Holo and Yellow Claw switch things up with an unexpected hardstyle section that leads into slowed down future trap drops with whining synth leads and skittering hi-hats. The disparate elements converge as an energetic production with a wholly unique sound that bounces back and forth between extremes.

Overall, Yellow Claw and San Holo manage to merge their different styles together on the new effort, delivering a single that is greater than the sum of its parts.