Sander Van Doorn And Pep & Rash Channel Acid Rock In “White Rabbit”


With all the eclectic influences being fused together by those on the forefront of electronic music nowadays, it often feels like everything’s been done – but every now and again an artist arrives at a synthesis too strange to have been thought of already. Sander Van Doorn and Pep & Rash’s “White Rabbit” digs way, way deep for a blend of future house with ’60s acid rock, and while it seems like something of a stretch, I have to give them credit for trying.

“White Rabbit” opens with washed-out electric guitar and echoey vocals that evoke the feelings of a Jefferson Airplane song before transitioning into a heavily modulated future house bass line that could only have been Pep & Rash’s doing. Since it’s difficult to imagine Sander Van Doorn laying down all the instrumental tracks at the beginning, his contributions to the track are a unclear – and besides that, the two sounds clash too heavily. Nonetheless, risks like these lead to exciting new sounds in electronic music, so I’m reluctant to write “White Rabbit” off as a wasted endeavor.

I am, however, interested to see what other music fans think of the track. Listen to Sander Van Doorn and Pep & Rash’s “White Rabbit” above and pay a visit to the comments section below to tell me what you think.