Sara Bareilles Pens Song Featuring Hamilton Star Leslie Odom Jr.


Even though Sara Bareilles got her start as a solo singer and songwriter, she’s since evolved her craft over the years to a bunch of different mediums. Sure, she has her albums and hit singles, but she’s also the author of a memoir and even wrote the soundtrack to the Broadway musical, Waitress. Now, she gets to add something new to her extensive resume: writing a song for This American Life.

Given that Bareilles is such a prolific writer, it’s hard to believe that – other than her Waitress endeavor – there aren’t too many times where she’s written a song to be sung by somebody other than her. That changes, though, with “Seriously,” a track that was penned by her to accompany an episode of the same name for This American Life. The weekly radio show’s “Seriously” episode delves deep into the drama of the upcoming election, and the track was written to express what President Obama probably thinks about it, but can’t say publicly.

Bringing the song to life is its vocalist, Leslie Odom Jr., best known for his role in the Broadway behemoth, Hamilton, and his smooth voice carries the song’s theatrical instrumentation. Sara Bareilles is the queen of any craft she puts her effort into, and writing this song is just one of the many highlights of her year – with a new album planned as well, 2017 could turn out even bigger.

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