Secret Solstice Announces Phase 1 Lineup And Return Of The ICERAVE


After a successful 2015, Secret Solstice is returning for its third year to the idyllic setting of Reykjavík, Iceland. Nestled in the center of the city, minutes away from the best lodging accommodations, the festival is placed against the jaw-dropping scenery of Iceland’s renown glaciers and landscapes, making for a truly unique experience.

In addition to the main event, they’ve announced the return of this year’s standout party, ICERAVE. Held in Europe’s second largest glacier, these once-in-a-lifetime shows give attendees the chance to party inside a thousand-year-old ice tunnel. There’s also Midnight Sun, where guests can hop aboard a ship and head out into the Atlantic Ocean to follow the sun, partying well after midnight in a volcano-powered geothermal pool. Sound incredible? That’s because it is. Check Secret Solstice’s official website for info on more special events like these, and for details about their affordable travel accommodations.

Secret Solstice has also just released Phase 1 of their lineup, an eclectic mix of talent as broad as the experiences you’ll find at the festival. Of Monsters And Men, Voyeur, Benoit & Sergio, Droog, Kerri Chandler, and Maxxi Soundsystem are just a few artists amongst the 130 acts booked for 2016. Check out the official website for more artists, and have a look at the 2015 aftermovie above to realize that Secret Solstice is about much, much more than just good music.