Seven Lions And Echos Debut New Collaboration “Cold Skin”


Following up on his excellent collaboration with Illenium and Said The Sky on “Rush Over Me,” Seven Lions is back today to debut his latest joint effort with Portland based duo Echos. Titled “Cold Skin,” the single had us excited when it was first previewed last week, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

“Cold Skin” features a stunning production, striking the perfect blend between Echos’ pastoral sound and Seven Lions’ melodic leanings. The new single opens quietly with hushed tones and bubbling ambience, before Lexi Norton’s captivating topline efforts enter the mix. Sparse percussion fills up the production as the energy builds in intensity, leading into spellbinding drops with spiraling melodies, crashing drums and emotive vocal melodies.

Speaking about the collaboration with Billboard, Seven Lions explained that he was excited about the pair up, stating “I’m stoked to finally be releasing “Cold Skin.” Lexi has such a great voice, and I don’t think a lot of people expected a Seven Lions/Echos collaboration.”

With their downtempo sound and excellent vocal work, Echos are quickly coming into their own, and the new song with Seven Lions will only cement their status as a duo to watch.

“Cold Skin” is available now via Monstercat and can be purchased here.