Seven Lions, Illenium And Said The Sky Release “Rush Over Me”


Ever since it was first teased by Illenium during a live show back in August, fans have been waiting impatiently for “Rush Over Me.” With a star studded cast of producers that includes the likes of Seven Lions, Said The Sky and Illenium himself, as well as some excellent vocal contributions from Haliene, the new collaboration garnered significant hype over the last couple of months and now the results are in as “Rush Over Me” hits the internet for streaming and purchase.

“Rush Over Me” is every bit as magical as the teasers led us to believe it would be, opening with gentle atmosphere, ethereal chords and celestial vocals from Haliene. Seven Lions, Illenium and Said The Sky deliver an emotive production that balances each artist’s skill set to unforgettable results. Soaring synth leads wail over blaring bass and hard hitting drums, delivering heartfelt drops with a classic melodic dubstep sound that is sure to satisfy fans.

With its all star cast of collaborators, “Rush Over Me” sets the bar high and Seven Lions, Illenium and Said The Sky don’t disappoint.

“Rush Over Me” is available now via Seeking Blue/Kasaya and can be purchase here.