Shaun Frank Teams Up With Ashe On “Let You Get Away”


Shaun Frank has steadily been establishing himself as one of the brightest talents in dance music, delivering a string of top notch releases in recent memory that show off his versatility as both a songwriter and producer. He teamed up with DVBBS and Delaney Jane earlier in the summer on the excellent “La La Land,” while he recently previewed his upcoming remix of The Chainsmoker’s “Closer,” a tune he helped pen. Now, his latest effort with Ashe on “Let You Get Away” is here.

“Let You Get Away” opens with an ear catching synth melody before Ashe’s distinctive vocals begin to spin a tale of a messy romance. Shaun Frank crafts a memorable production that blends tuneful pop melodies and forward thinking dance elements, moving from vocal driven verses into rowdy drops with jittery horn samples and groovy trap rhythms.

Listening to “Let You Get Away” it’s not hard to understand what The Chainsmokers see in Shaun Frank, with its blend of irresistible pop coupled with dancefloor ready production points. In addition to the excellent arrangement, Ashe really shines as a vocalist and helps the song achieve its full potential.

“Let You Get Away” is available now via Spinnin’ Records and can be purchased here.

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