Then Came This Shirts & Skins’ Remix


Shirts & Skins are back with another sexy, funky groove. You might remember when the project between DJ/producers Pierce Fulton and Ansolo came on the scene with their “sexy house” track “Genius of Time,” but the duo have proven themselves not to be one-trick ponies with their latest release.

A remix of Dionne Warwick and The Spinners’ 1974 soul hit of the same name, “Then Came You” lifts the tempo of the original and incorporates subtle bass house LFO loops into its arrangement. The result is a track that evokes the same mental imagery as Galantis’ “Peanut Butter Jelly” without straying too far from the spirit of the original.

While Shirts & Skins may be a new kid on the block as an outfit, both Pierce Fulton and Ansolo have already made names for themselves individually in the progressive house arenas. Time will tell how their sexy house sound will resonate with music fans, and whether the project will make serious strides in the months to follow.

…Which brings us to you. Would you like to see more music like Shirts & Skins‘ remix of “Then Came You?” Let us know in the comments!