Sia Releases New Song “Never Give Up”


New music from Sia keeps on rolling through, and you won’t hear anybody complaining about it. Whether they’re new songs on a deluxe edition or tracks she penned for other artists, the Australian superstar is killing it in the vocal booth, onstage, and behind the scenes, too. Her latest offering is a song called “Never Give Up,” and it acts as the theme to the recent movie, Lion, starring Dev Patel and Rooney Mara.

“Never Give Up,” while unbelievably catchy, is a bit too familiar for one’s palate. Considering Sia created the song with regular collaborator Greg Kurstin, you can imagine that it’s quite similar to her previous material – in fact, it’s nearly a carbon copy of “Cheap Thrills,” which Kurstin was responsible for, too. Chances are, “Never Give Up” was merely a leftover from This Is Acting and far too similar to associate it with the album, so giving it to Lion was the next best thing.

In all honesty, the song is pretty huge, and if this ended up making the cut on her record over “Cheap Thrills,” it could have resulted in the same number one success. But it makes you wonder what else Sia has locked away in a “finished songs” folder on her hard drive, and whether we’ll ever hear her go the Carly Rae Jepsen route with a b-sides album someday.