Skrillex And Valentino Khan’s “Slam Dunk” Is Anything But


I suppose there hasn’t been a lot to dissuade Skrillex from thinking that he can make his more subpar tracks successful through hype alone. The superstar DJ/producer talked up his new Valentino Khan collaboration so much before its OWSLA Radio premiere that even after it finally cued up, it fell laughably short of everything he said about it.

The supposed “festival heater” goes by the title “Slam Dunk,” and it starts off with the most generic autotuned vocal sample imaginable before dropping into an interchangeable jungle terror drop. I can respect Skrillex putting out a jungle terror track as a gesture of solidarity towards his signee, Wiwek, but he hasn’t contributed anything to the genre that keeps me from wanting to see it die already.

Sorry guys, I don’t see “Slam Dunk” being the new “Jump Man” of the summer. We all know Skrillex and Valentino Khan are capable of better, though, so perhaps they’ll deliver more likely candidates in the months to follow.