Skrillex Appears To Be Recording New Material With Former Band


Over the summer, Skrillex hinted at a possible reunion with his former band From First To Last when he shared a “bonus track” on his bi-weekly OWSLA radio show on Beats 1. By now, most fans are aware that before Skrillex became a global champion of the EDM explosion, he got his start as the lead singer for the emo band, before being forced to depart in 2007 due to the strain that screaming had on his voice. Fans of the group were certainly excited by the prospect of a reunion, and a new update should provide some hope that it may happen after all.

A video has surfaced this week that appears to show Skrillex singing over a new From First To Last track. While the video is only about ten seconds long, we can hear the type of screamed vocals common to hardcore music, with live rock instrumentation serving as the musical backdrop for Moore’s intense singing.

It’s not much to go off of, but the evidence is pretty strong at this point that something is going on with Skrillex and his old band. Whether an official release of the song will surface remains to be seen, but fans yearning for a return to the glory days of emo music should definitely be excited by the video clip.