Skrillex Settles And Oshi Reaches In Upcoming Collaboration


Look, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that Skrillex has collaborated with as many artists as he has. It’s 2016, he’s his own person, and I’d like to think of myself as a progressive. All I’m saying is that just because he’s not worried about keeping his number of partners low doesn’t mean he should throw his standards out the window as well.

I don’t even need to hear what happened to know how Skrillex and Oshi ended up collaborating together. Oshi probably just started saying all the right things in that charming British accent of his, and Skrillex let his guard down long enough to overlook that he was clearly out of Oshi’s league as a producer.

What did admittedly surprise me was how little of the work Skrillex seems to have ended up doing considering that he’s usually such a generous collaborator. With how little of his production style is evident in the arrangement, it’s pretty obvious that he was a total dead fish in the studio.

Based on what I’ve heard about Diplo’s relationship with M.I.A. I can completely understand how working with him on the Jack Ü project might have dealt a blow to Skrillex‘s self-esteem, but he needs to know that he can do better than Oshi.

Just to avoid any possible confusion, I’m strictly talking about their music.