Skrillex Brings The Bass In Elliphant Collaboration “Spoon Me”


At this point, it’s hardly even a novel occurrence when Skrillex collaborates with overseas entertainers. The incredibly prolific OWSLA label head recently even made a foray into K-pop, which renders “Spoon Me,” his second collaboration with Swedish emcee and vocalist Elliphant, practically unnewsworthy.

Or at least, it would if the track didn’t serve as yet another example of the bass music icon’s endless production expertise. Creative use of sidechain compression at the hook effectively simulates the bass wobbles of other Skrillex tracks without weighing the arrangement down as much. Instead, it makes for a perfect backdrop to Elliphant’s subversive lyrics.

Nonetheless, what the two artists offered up for “Only Getting Younger” in 2014 set the bar pretty high. After revisiting the track by watching the following video, their latest collaboration loses some of its luster.

Tell us, which collaboration between Skrillex and Elliphant do you enjoy more? Let us know by paying a visit to the comments section.

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