Skrillex And KPop Ensemble 4Minute Release Video For “싫어 (Hate)”


In the five years that Skrillex has been an active fixture of the electronic music landscape, he’s accumulated a hefty list of collaborators – and now his creative horizons have stretched all the way to the Far East. The bass music icon has produced a track for South Korean ensemble 4Minute called “싫어” (which is pronounced “silh-uh” and translates to “Hate”) that I’d probably enjoy if it wasn’t KPop.

The track begins with a typically sing-songy top line and melodramatic piano melody before segueing into more aggressive hip-hop verses accompanied by a somewhat dated style of bass wobbles. Trumpet samples at the frenetic drop of “싫어 (Hate)” infuse it with an invigorating energy – or at least they would if they it wasn’t sprinkled with distracting squawks from the vocalists. As far as Skrillex’s contributions are concerned, the track is as strong as anything he puts out, but I suppose I just haven’t acquired the taste for South Korean pop music quite yet.

That said, the vibrant cinematography of the official music video for Skrillex and 4Minute’s “싫어(Hate)” is admittedly a redeeming quality. Watch it in the YouTube player above and look out for more from the OWSLA label head as he seems determined to dominate in 2016 so far.

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