Skrillex And Mr. Oizo Team Up On “End Of The World”


Skrillex and French producer and filmmaker Mr. Oizo have teamed up for a new collaboration, delivering a bouncy single titled “End Of The World.”

“End Of The World” features a unique post-garage sound, kicking off with shuffling breakbeats, stuttering vocal samples and offbeat synth stabs. After a brief introduction, the beat drops out and a retro chord progression takes over while a distorted voice provides the apocalyptic themes referenced in the title. Moving into the drops, plucky bass slaps carve out a persistent rhythm over jangling percussion elements.

Skrillex and Mr. Oizo try some new things on “End Of The World,” and while the unique production points are largely serviceable, the drops wind up feeling a bit underwhelming with their use of simple bass riffs and drum loops.

“End Of The World” serves as the first single for Mr. Oizo’s upcoming album All Wet, which is set to be released on September 30. You can grab the pre-order here.