Skrillex Goes On The Offense In Twitter Feud With Deadmau5


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen deadmau5 really take the gloves off during a nasty Twitter exchange, but we can’t even think of the last time Skrillex made his fair share of low blows. However, a recent back and forth between the two was seemingly initiated by Sonny, who – despite being well known for his humility and soft-spokenness – called the mau5trap founder a “sad old washed up asshole [sic],” among other things.

It’s unclear whether Skrillex’s first tweet was prompted by something specific on deadmau5′ end, but the two recurring themes in the exchange include deadmau5 being hateful and running his label poorly.

Without knowing whether or not deadmau5 instigated the argument in a particularly underhanded way it doesn’t seem right to take his side, but as I’ve said in the past, deadmau5′ track record for artistic integrity means that he can say what he wants as far as I’m concerned.