Skrillex Shakes Up Torro Torro’s “Make A Move”


It’s so good to hear yet another Skrillex release that actually sounds like a Skrillex release. After a couple years during which the famed bass music mastermind appeared to have made lining his pockets a greater priority than the music itself, his latest work bears the hallmarks of the Skrillex tracks we know and love – and his remix of Torro Torro’s “Make A Move” is no exception.

The track ttrades in the rubbery future house bass line of the original for the frenetic marriage of bass wobbles and chirping synth arpeggios that fans of Sonny’s 2010-2011 releases will instantly recognize. In addition to edits of the original vocal, an audio sample from what must be a B horror movie add a typically spooky element as well.

While the track is slated for release sometime in January through OWSLA (the label run by Skrillex to which Torro Torro is signed), Red Bull has already released it to the masses as part of their 20 Before 16 promotion – so even if you don’t get your hands on one of the 1,000 copies made available, you’ll still be able to at the time of its official release.

Either way, keep on the lookout for more tracks from Skrillex as he seems intent on returning to his trademark sound.