Skrillex Teases Upcoming Collab With Bruno Mars


In the few short years following Skrillex‘s explosion as one of the most prominent figures in EDM, we’ve seen the producer take some interesting twists and turns in his career. While his image will forever be defined by his dubstep work that helped bring the genre to the mainstream, the iconic DJ has worked hard to push past the genre trappings and expand into the music community at large.

His commercial pop work with Justin Bieber was polarizing for fans to say the least, but it hasn’t deterred Skrillex from continuing to expand his horizons. In a recent interview with Billboard, the “Where Are Ü Now?” producer revealed that he has another high profile pop collaboration in the works, this time teaming up with R&B vocalist Bruno Mars.

Not one to divulge too many details, Skrillex teased the upcoming collaboration, saying “what we’re doing is so f–king different, awesome and next level and sounds like nothing else that’s happened before.” While there’s no firm release date at this point, it goes without say that this is one collab we’ll be keeping an eye on.