Skrillex’s Long Awaited “Red Lips” Remix Gets A Crazy Music Video


Skrillex‘s much prolonged remix of GTA’s “Red Lips” finally saw an official release this week in the form of a surreal new music video that blends terror and fantasy into an awesome visual accompaniment for the anticipated track. The remix has been heard in live rips and bootlegs over the last year, and fans thirstily awaited the official release.

For the video, Skrillex teamed up with Grant Singer, who previously directed the video for his single “Burial,” as well as The Weeknd’s hit “I Can’t Feel Your Face,” Taking nods from films like The Shining, The Cell, and The Neverending Story, Skrillex’s new video for the “Red Lips” remix features horrifying imagery and fantastical settings, with strange monstrous dancers, cryptic symbolism and elven characters.

Visually, the “Red Lips” video serves as an iconic accompaniment to the remix, following in the vein of directors like Chris Cunningham and Mark Romanek with its haunting imagery and stunning choreography and effects, and is already set to go down in EDM history as one of the best videos of its era.