Skylar Grey Releases First Single ‘Dance Without You’

Skylar Grey has released her first solo offering today with her new single Dance Without You, which is off her upcoming debut album. “I want to dance without you/ For once just let me lose myself” says Grey on the Alex Da Kid produced track. Speaking to AOL Music, Grey said the following about the song.

“I wanted to release ‘Dance Without You’ as a free download because everyone has been so patient waiting for my solo material,” she told AOL Music. “It is just a little teaser before my official single comes out later this month, and a taste of what’s on my album.”

After making a name for herself by writing hit songs for Eminem and Diddy-Dirty Money among others, the young singer has also showcased her vocal talents on popular tracks like I Need A Doctor and Words I Never Said. While I’m a fan of her work, I’m not sure I like this song. At least not yet.

Skylar Grey is undoubtedly talented and has a promising career ahead of her but as of now, I’m not really liking what I hear on the single. Her vocals are strong like always but I don’t love the drum track going on in the background. It’s an interesting track and not what I was expecting but I’m willing to give it a chance. Hopefully it will grow on me after I hear it a couple more times.

Check it out below though and see for yourself.