Slushii Dishes Out A Gnarly Remix Of Skrillex And Wiwek


Ripped from Coachella, we’ve just gotten our hands on Slushii’s remix of Skrillex and Wiwek’s “Killa,” and it’s damn impressive to say the least.

While the original collaboration with Elliphant is caught in an interesting limbo between Wiwek’s jungle terror and Skrillex’s encompassing bass tolls, this new remix packs all the stepped-up aggression that we’d hoped for.

The high pitched lead is tweaked into an even more fearsome breakdown, and the entire track screams from start to finish. Sure, the quality is nothing to write home about, but we can only imagine hearing this live and losing our minds.

As of yet, there are no details regarding the release of this Slushii remix, but rest assured that it’s going to see a proper release in the very near future.