Slushii Stuns On Latest Single “Morphine”


Slushii‘s output over the last year has been on fire, with the producer dropping a number of top notch releases like “So Long” and “To Say Goodbye.” His latest offering, a new single titled “Morphine” that sees the musician at his most pastoral, is an unsurprisingly strong release with a forward thinking production.

Slushii has dabbled in the chill side of dance music extensively throughout his career so far, but “Morphine” is his dreamiest effort to date. The tune kicks off with a sublime chord progression, layered over phased drums and pitch shifted vocals. The drums soon drop out to make way for an ambient breakdown, as soaring glissando strings echo into the distance over ethereal synth pads.

With some nostalgic lyrical hooks and an assortment of bittersweet melodies, “Morphine” ranks as one of Slushii’s most emotive tunes yet. The rising producer never fails to impress with his productions, and the new single is sure to satisfy his ever growing fanbase.

It’s been truly exciting to watch Slushii‘s growth over the last year or so as his career has really started taking off, and we can’t wait to see what he has to offer moving forward.